Re Roof

Re Roofing Services

So your roof has had its lifetime and after repair upon repair, you have decided it’s time for a new roof to protect your home from the elements.

Not only is your roof the primary means of protection for your home, it also accounts for around a third of the visible area of your property. A new roof will also dramatically improve the appearance of your house and can lower your energy bills by locking out all those drafts and keeping the rising heat in.

Our Approach

The Roofing Service are here to help with your re-roofing project from start to finish. On our initial meeting, we will inspect the whole of your roof, inside and out and discuss your options based on your personal needs and requirements. We will give all the help and advice possible when deciding on the best materials and products for your new roof to best suit your property.

We only use the highest quality materials and install them to the manufacturer standards and specifications to prolong the life of your new roof as much as possible.

When you are happy with your final decision we will do a full written quotation with a detailed step-by-step process of what the job will entail, you will usually receive this within 48 hours of our initial meeting.

The whole re-roof inspection is completely free of charge so take advantage of this and call The Roofing Service today.