Fascias & Soffits Barnsley

New Fascia Installations

The Roofing Service is highly recommended throughout the Yorkshire area for specialist installations of all Soffits, Guttering and Fascias Barnsley – South Yorkshire. We also cover most areas of West Yorkshire.

The Roofing Service are first-call for any repairs or new installations of Fascias, soffits and guttering, which play a fundamental part in protecting your home from the elements.

Our Approach

First, we erect our own scaffolding of no additional cost to the customer, this allows us to carry out the work in the safest and most accurate way.

Next, we remove the eaves tiles from around the property to expose any rotten, perished or sagging roof felts, these damaged roof felts can allow water into the eaves space and cause damp and condensation issues.

We will then remove all rotten fascias and soffits and inspect all spar feet and replace/treat if necessary, at this stage, we are ready to fully install your new high gloss uPVC products. All our fascias are an 18mm thick load bearing PVC material that will never rot or need painting and is virtually maintenance free with our over fascia ventilation that allows your roof space to breath and will never clog up with dust from your roof.

After fitting your new gutter we then fit new eaves support trays and bird comb (where applicable). Eaves trays support your roof felt and stop any ponding, the bird guard moulds itself to your roof tile and prevents unwanted visitors nesting in your roof.

Finally, we clean and seal all your fascias, soffits and gutters and water test the gutters to ensure no leaks appear. All our work carries a 10-year workmanship guarantee and as we are registered freefoam installers we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on white uPVC products and a 10-year guarantee on wood grain products.

The Role of Fascias

Many people don’t realize how important of a role they play and think they are simply just cosmetic. The main reason for rotten and damaged fascias is perished eaves felt, allowing in rain, rotting fascias, soffits and roof spars.

When thinking of replacing your fascias make sure the expert you choose to carry out this work addresses this issue to prevent any future problems. A lot of companies will attract customers by offering low prices that seem too good to be true, usually they are.

Be careful that you don’t choose your company just because they were the cheapest quote. Some companies will just cap over the top of the old rotten fascias without resolving the reason the fascias are rotting in the first place and this is the reason for the cheap quote.

To do the job correctly the old fascias need to be stripped off exposing the roof spars. The issue can now be resolved by replacing the rotten roof felts in the eaves and replacing any broken tiles. The new fascias should be a 18mm load bearing fascia secured with 65mm polly pins. The fascias should also be fitted with adequate ventilation allowing the eaves space to breathe.

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