Maintenance Free Roofing System

Maintenance Free Roofing Systems

We offer a range of maintenance free products for your new roof or simply to improve your existing roof, all our maintenance free products are mortar-free, thus eliminating any potential future problems that a traditional method would.

Our maintenance free products are dry ridge/hip systems, dry verge systems, dry valley systems and easy lead flashings.

What is maintenance free?

Our dry ridge system has a breathable membrane that moulds to any type of roof tile and ridge unions that provide an efficient seal between each ridge.

Each ridge tile also has a secure mechanical fix into the roof timbers preventing them from ever blowing off in severe winds. Our dry verge systems come in a range of styles and colours to perfectly suit your property and can be fitted to any roof tile.

Our maintenance free dry verge system is mortar-free and fixes directly to gable tile battens. Valleys are a common area for roofing issues with loose mortar and perished lead creating leaks. The

The fibreglass dry valley trays we use are mortar-free and never need maintaining again. Easy lead flashing are a durable, cost-effective alternative to traditional lead, it has a self-adhesive backing that bonds to all traditional building materials preventing any wind uplift. Easy lead also has no resale value and will not be targeted by lead theft.