My Roof Is Leaking – What Do I Do?

By February 5, 2017Roofing
Leaking Roof

So you have discovered a leak in your roof, so you need to get to the root of the cause and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

But don’t panic – in this post we’re going to walk you though the general causes and a plan of action to get this fixed.

Most leaks can go undiscovered for years without you knowing and without regular checks and maintenance they can lead to bigger and more expensive repairs. There are a number of reasons to why your roof is leaking and 90% of the time it’s down to neglect and lack of maintenance, as the the saying goes “prevention is cheaper than the cure”.

Leaks will always start on the surface with things like damaged/dislodged tiles, poor lead flashings or corroded motor.  Once any of these fail, the water will then start to penetrate the felt and roof timbers which will eventually start to rot.

It’s at this point you will start to notice the leak because once it gets past the loft insulation it will then start to come through the ceilings.


So what can I do to prevent costly roof repairs?

Yearly checks and checks after a storm or heavy winds will keep the cost of any maintenance down, if you’re not confident with a ladder, a pair of binoculars is a good idea to take a closer look at the roof.

Have a good look in the loft on a rainy day, check for any tears or damp patches and if you can see any daylight through the roof.

If your not able to carry out any of the checks yourself then you need to call a professional to carry out a free roof inspections and advise on any maintenance needed and minor repairs.

Don’t neglect the most important part of your biggest asset, if you haven’t had your roof checked recently call a professional today.

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